Gloria D'Avalon

The story behind Gloria is a little strange. It all started one weekend when I was hanging out with my friend Geoff, who was in NYC from LA. Geoff is a rather well-known gay porn star, performing under the names Rick Van and Karen Dior (Karen is listed as a transexual, but it's really only gender illusion -- Geoff is all male).

It was partially Geoff's fault that I ended up working for a while as an exotic dancer at the Show Palace, one of New York's better-known (but still sleazy) all-male strip joints -- but that's a story in and of itself.

Anyway, it was through Geoff that I met Chi-Chi Laroue and Gender, who are Karen's partners in a musical comedy drag band act that's taken the West Coast by storm. The three of them were in New York to perform their routine at the Boy Bar. Somehow, that Saturday night, while Geoff stayed back at their hotel sleeping, Chi-Chi and Gender convinced me to escort them to the hot spots of New York's nightlife. It was a blast, wandering around the City with two famous drag queens.

When the night was over, however, Chi-Chi told me that the next time I hung out with them, it'd better be in heels and a skirt. So, with a little help from my friends, I put together an outfit and makeup and a drag personna.

Originally my alter-ego's name was Gabrielle, but that soon changed to Gloria D'Avalon. She half sophisticate, half slut, and all bitch. While she doesn't get out much (I prefer to go out as myself), she has been known to show up periodically at parties, especially around Halloween, and is regularly seen as mistress-of-ceremonies at TwentySomething talent shows.

[Gloria D'Avalon - closeup] [Gloria and Tony]

Gordon Lloyd Goldberg